About the Project

What is "Stress Free Teachers" ?

What is "Stress Free Teachers" Project?

"Stress Free Teachers" Project is a Strategic partnership for School Education, under the range of the ERASMUS+ Program. The aim of this project is to create a Pan-European analysis of the good practices of stress-management in teacher profession and then, upon the results, to prepare effetive stress-management programs for teacher professionals which can be easily implemented in everyday school practice.

What is the Objective of this Project?

Our objective is to build a stress management programme for teacher profession which can be impledmented in everyday school work. Using the programme, schools can recognize stress with the school professionals, use mitigation strategies, lower it and create envrionment, which will be better for all participants in the education process.

As the final result we plan to create:

  • A pan-European analysis on good practices in stress management in Europe;
  • A manual of good practices of prevention of stress
  • An online e-learning portal with stress management programme for teacher, which will include video tutorials and clips from the anti-stress training;
  • A network of Centres in partners countries for Stress management in the teaching profession;

What are the Target Groups?

We have two main target groups:

  • (1) Teachers.
  • (2) School management workers.

The main activities for teachers will be education in stress management while for the management workers implementation techniques for everyday school process.

Why is “Stress Free Teachers” an Innovative Project?

This Project has two innovative approaches in solving stress in schools:

  • By implementing stress management in the everyday teaching process;
  • By creating Centres for stress management in teaching profession in every country and connect them into the network for sustainable cooperation and exchange of good practices.>

Innovation is also the support to school management on how to implement prevention of stress in teacher profession in the vision of the school. Such a statement in official school document will force current and the future management workers into continuous improvement of stress management.